Small Business Financing: How and Where to Get the Money You Need – June 6, 2018

Every day thousands of businesses are forced to close their doors. The most common reason given for the high failure rate of small businesses is a lack of adequate capital. Whether you’re starting a business or expanding one, sufficient ready capital is essential. But it is not enough to simply have sufficient financing; knowledge and […]

HSA Limit Adjustments – June 5, 2018

Following are the Health Savings Account (HSA) Limits for 2018 Maximum Contribution Individual Only: $3,450 Family Coverage: $6,900 HDHP Minimum Deductibles Individual Only: $1,350 Family Coverage: $2,700 HDHP Maximum Out-of-Pocket Amounts Individual Only: $6,650 Family Coverage: $13,300 Catch-up Contribution (age 55 or older) Individual Only: $1,000 Source: Rev. Proc. 2018-27 *This latest procedure update was […]

Three Ways to Grow Your Business in California – May 15, 2018

Regardless of what your product or service is, there are only three ways to grow your business, i.e., increase revenues and improve profitability. That’s it. All paths to growth are a variation on one of these themes. Once you have grasped this idea, your marketing will become more focused, more organized and more powerful. The […]

Secrets of Growing Your Business Sensibly and Profitably in California – April 24, 2018

It appears that many small businesses believe in the age-old adage that says, “Build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” In the real world, this little piece of wisdom does not hold true. Unless you have invented a totally unique product or service uncommon in the marketplace, […]

Choosing the Right Legal Structure for your Business in California – April 3, 2018

When you start or run a business, it’s vital to choose the right type of legal entity and structure. It’s equally important to keep that structure under review as the right solution may change as time goes on. No one entity is perfect for every business venture; there are a number of different factors that […]

Tips on Writing Business Plans that Get Results in California – March 13, 2018

If you were traveling from New York to Alaska, and you had never been to Alaska, you would most likely consult a map for direction and guidance. If you didn’t, you could drive in circles for hours, if not days. And if you didn’t ask anyone for directions, then you probably would not get there […]

3 Key Ways to Start Your Own Business in California — February 20, 2018

If you are looking to start a new business, there are three main ways you can do so. You can start a new business, purchase an existing business, or invest in a franchise operation. There are good reasons for each choice and each carries its own advantages and risks. Option #1: Start a New Business […]

5 Steps to Take Before You Start a Business in California – January 30, 2018

There are a number of different reasons for starting a business. Perhaps you are interested in “trying something new.” Perhaps you have found a new way to solve a problem or meet an expressed need, maybe you want independence, or are trying to increase your income. Whatever your reasons for going into business, you must […]

Tuesday Tax Tip: Roth Recharacterization Update – January 23, 2018

The IRS has provided an update on its website regarding Roth recharacterizations in its FAQ section. As you know, this option to recharacterize your Roth IRA was eliminated with the passing of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The IRS clarified that if you did a Roth conversion in 2017, you may still be […]

7 Tax Savvy Strategies to Save Your Small Business Money in California – January 9, 2018

Every business owner is looking for ways to reduce expenses without reducing quality or losing customers. But few businesses look to the one area almost guaranteed to save money: income taxes. It has been estimated that America’s small businesses overpay their income taxes by more than $2 billion a year. The overpayments were made because […]