Be Wary of Fraudulent CP2000s – September 21, 2016

TAX-SCAMThe IRS is warning taxpayers and practitioners that a new scam uses fraudulent CP2000s to solicit money from taxpayers. The fraudulent forms look convincing, and show balances due that are small enough that taxpayers just might pay rather than arguing the point.  However, upon closer inspection, these forms have telltale signs of fraud:

  • The instructions direct the taxpayer to make out a check to “I.R.S.” rather than to “United States Treasury;” and
  • The return address is “Austin Processing Center, P.O. Box 15264, Austin, TX 78761-5264,” which does not match the address listed on the IRS website for the Austin Processing Center.

Please contact our office if any unexpected balance due arrives from the IRS, so that the correspondence can be verified.