Kimberly Perry, CPA


Kim grew up around taxes listening to her Mom, JoAnn, who was an Enrolled Agent, talk about how she was able to legally lower her clients’ tax bill was very exciting to her. She realized at an early age that she wanted to help people in this same way. Witnessing the positive impact her Mom had on the lives of her clients Bave her the drive to go even further. She got her Accounting degree from California State University, Hayward, and became a CPA.

ln order to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing and overly complex tax laws, she is continually adding to her expertise by participating in numerous educational seminars in various areas of tax law and tax planning techniques. She finds there is no greaterjoy than helping people save their hard-earned money rather than seeing the government take more of it than they are entitled to.

When not at work, she enjoys traveling, watching movies or playing games with her family, reading, and relaxing by the water.